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NVS-40 Streaming Encoder/Recorder|Datavideo

The NVS-40 is a multi-channel video streaming and recording device. It features independent SDI and HDMI inputs, allowing up-to four sources to be recorded to hard drive and streamed independently. It also features external audio input as XLR balanced audio or RCA unbalanced audio. 4 channel simple video streaming server Simultaneous Live Streaming & Recording Streaming to YouTube, Facebook and other live streaming platform. Four channel capture and streaming 264/AVC High Pro le Level 4.1
 Configurable bit rate up to 30Mbps per channel Independent encoder settings for simultaneous streaming and recording Built-in de-interlacer Built-in video downscaler Isolated / PIP / PBP (Picture by Picture) video processing modes Dynamic Parameter Settings Adjustment: GOP structure, Frame Rate, Bit Rate

Posted by hyis on December 14, 2017 at 3:52 AM 464 Views